After almost a decade of both being active in the very same subculture, Hungary’s longest reigning underground queen, SENA joined forces with one of the most exciting and versatile nu soul producers, RÓQA to create this fall’s potential hit single, What I Gotta Do.

In this song the ‘lost-in-her-own-jungle’ diva is desperately questioning herself to find the true purpose of her own existence.

RÓQA’s heavy vinyl-digging background and love for analogue synths is purely reflected in this new jack swing and broken beat-inspired nu soul beat. The strict verse is followed by a more vibrant chorus echoing one of the World’s most famous male screams.

The music video was directed by his old friend and co-creator Ábel Regős, and the photos used in the video clip were taken by RÓQA himself, who works as a photographer when he is not on stage or in his music studio. The animation created by stop motion technique has a special feature: every single frame of the video was printed individually and then re-photographed with captions made with a labeling machine and RÓQA’s gesture drawings on them. The defects and erosion of the paper and the printing process give a distinct analog feel to the visuals of the video.

SENA’s makeup was made by Sándor Nádasdi.


RÓQA x SENA – What I Gotta Do